Free Up Your Office

Free Up Your Office

If your office morale is suffering and you cannot fathom why, take a look at your office design. The number one culprit out there is cubicles – those grey, impersonal cubes that are the bane of office workers everywhere. Cubicles are great in the sense that they save a lot of space and create privacy, but is that what you really want for your workers?

The Economist wrote a great piece of the history of cubicles and how they affect a workers and morale:

Long and short of it, it’s best to avoid cubicles in order to create flow to your office, prompt employee interactions, and make everyone happier. If you can’t get by without cubicles, it’s time to look for a new space.

The image is from an architecture firm that was intent on using a flexible (and vibrant) work space to recruit and retain talent.

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