3 Trends Changing Business

3 Trends Changing Business

3 Trends Changing Business

Jessica Leber from Co.Exist recently wrote a great article on three trends changing business right now:


To sum it up for you:

1)Flexible Work Spaces

Instead of being chained to desk, workers are much more engaged when they have the freedom to work in different places in an office. Moving allows you to interact with new groups of people, see new things, and perhaps change your thinking.

2)No More 40 Hour Weeks

Who says that working 40 hours a week makes you productive. Most work is cyclical, meaning some weeks you could work 30 hour weeks while others you have to work 40. Workers should be held to results, not to a set work week.

3)Flatter Hierarchies

Hierarchies oftentimes create “gatekeepers” who restrict the flow of information¬†throughout an organization, leading to mistakes, hurt feelings, and bad morale. Instead, try to adopt a flatter structure, turning gatekeepers in facilitators.

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